• Reduce friction and prevent wear.
  • Developed for correct functioning of air conditioning compressors.


Characteristics Unit Refriz 3B Refriz 6H
Appearence Visual Bright&Clear Bright&Clear
Density g/cubic cm,@29.5 degC. 08464 0.8579
Kinematic Viscosity cst@40 degC. 31.98 67.1
Kinematic Viscosity cst@100 degC. 5.57 8.92
Viscosity Index            – 112 107
Flash Point, degC, COC degC,COC 228 246
Pour Point, degC degC. -33 -30
Applications            – HCFC R134a


As the refrigerant is essential for the cooling properties of a refrigeration system, the refrigeration oil is crucial for the correct functioning of the compressor.

Lubricants for refrigeration compressors reduce friction, prevent wear and act as a seal between the Low Pressure and High Pressure Side.  


The primary function of refrigeration oil is lubrication, it should also be able to with stand extreme temperature differences and be compatible with the refrigerants.


Refrigeration oils must function correctly over a wide temperature range.

Refrigeration oils should be chemically stable to avoid reaction with the refrigerants.

The oil/refrigerant mixture should have a viscosity that is sufficiently high to give satisfaction. 

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