• Non-ozone depleting refrigerant
  • Efficient refrigerant in air conditioning equipment


Composition R-32 (100%)
Type HFC Single component fluid
ASHRAE safety classification Slight Flammable
GWP* 675
Recommended lubricant POE. PVE or PAG

*GWP value for 100-Year time horizons according to IPCC 2007 Fourth Assessment Report.

R32 is a chlorine-free, Ozone safe fluorocarbon whose boiling point is -52. R32 is a Component of R410A, a blend refrigerant widely used in developed countries as a main alternative to HCFC-22, an Ozone depleting refrigerant. But R410A has a high Global Warming Potential(hereafter, GWP) of 2088, so a new refrigerant with lower GWP is needed to mitigate climate change.

R32 has a GWP about one third that of R410A, and it has excellent properties as a refrigerant. Therefore, the technology has been developed to use it by itself as an alternative refrigerant to replace R410A.

Especially In the air-conditioning sector, it is difficult to select an alternative refrigerant – although low-GWP substances such as natural refrigerant have been proposed. Various problems have to solved before they can be put into practical use. On the other hand, R32 is an almost non-toxic, chermically stable substance and is readily available because it is a commercially manufactured product. R32 can be used with extension of existing technology because it’s pressure is similar to that of R410A, it can be provided excellent energy efficiency of the equipment. All these properties make R32 a promising choice for the present.

R32 as a single component refrigerant is attracting attention not only as an alternative to R410A in developed countries but also as an alternative to HCFC-22 in developing countries.

When using R32, however, applicable and standards must be observed and result of risk assessment must be considered because it has slight flammability (class 2L under refrigerant standards ISO/FDIS 817 and ASHRAE 34).


Fluoro R32 can be delivered in various packaging:

  •  Bulk ISO Container (18 – 20 tons).
  •  710 Kg. net Weight Toner.
  •  Cylinders 45Kg. & 8Kg.
  •  All our packging are PESO approved.
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