• Non-ozone depleting refrigerant.
  •  Efficient refrigerant in various air conditioning and medium temperature refrigerant applications.
  •  One of the components of fluoro refrigerant blends (407C,404A).


  • CompositionR-134a (100%)
    TypeHFC Single component fluid
    ASHRAE safety classificationA1-non-toxic and non-flammable
    Recommended lubricantPOE or PAG (auto)

*GWP value for 100-Year time horizons according to IPCC 2007 Fourth Assessment Report.


  • Air condition: automotive air conditioning, stationary air conditioning (large size chillers, air conditioner).
  •  Medium temperature refrigeration: commercial refrigeration, food processing and storage, industrial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, transport refrigeration.
  •  High temperature heat Pumps.


Fluoro 134a provides good energy efficiency to the systems even at high condensing temperatures.


Polyolester (POE) or polyalkylene glycol (PAG – only for auto A/C) lubricants must be used with Fluoro 134a since it is not miscible with mineral oil or alkylbenzene lubricants. POE or PAG oil absorb moisture quickly when left exposed to the atmosphere. Handle them carefully and avoid prolonged exposure to air.


Charging with Fluoro 134a can be done either as a vapor or a liquid. End – users should check with their equipment manufacturer’s guidelines for specific charging instructions.


Fluoro R134a can be delivered in various packaging:

  •  Bulk ISO container(20 tons) or ton-tank(825kg).
  •  Disposable cylinders 13.6 kg each (for exports only).
  •  62 kg & 10 kg cylinders.
  •  Disposable can 450 & 340 gm.
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